At a time when parents strive hard to inculcate the habit of reading in their children, the culture of reading at NCS is something we are proud of. Individual care and reading assessment is conducted at regular intervals.

Our Library is a bright and colourful one stacked with reading and play material for the Primary School and one with both engaging and erudite titles for the Middle and Secondary School and Senior Secondary School. Library has a comprehensive stock of CD ROMs, cassettes and CDs.

Our resources include approximately 4,000 books of which 1,000 are works of fiction, available for loan besides a range of national daily newspapers, the weekly local paper and also magazines covering academic, sporting and other interests.

The internet network covers the whole school, and students have monitored internet access for their projects.  The proxy server provides secure browsing by blocking unwanted sites and keeps a record of all the sites browsed by each student along with date and time.



Disciplined approach towards maintaining physical fitness is an important facet of leadership and overall development. Realising this, Nandha provides the following sports facilities.



NCS also boasts of well equipped language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Mathematics laboratories, which bustle with activity all day. They provide the perfect catalyst to the learning experience. The Science laboratories are built to develop in the students the application of facts, ability, skills of experimentation, contructions, inculcating scientific temperament, interests and appreciations. No effort is spared in providing each of the laboratories with latest equipment. Regular checks and inspections are carried out and new equipments procured to ensure that the children have the best that is available.

Medical care

As being a boarding school, we take our commitment to the health and well-being of our students extremely seriously. Students will be taken to nearby hospital by school vehicle especially allotted for medical visit purpose whenever the need arises. For emergencies we have a driver and vehicle ready round the clock. Parents will always be called immediately in the case of any serious medical issue. The wardens will bring students to clinics and hospitals for check-ups and tests as required. All precautions are taken to ensure that each child is healthy and cared for with sensitivity and positivism by our professional staff.


The school runs a fleet of comfortable buses, and we make sure that children are picked up from and dropped to as near their place of residence as possible. Safety is always the key word where our transport arrangements are concerned. The buses cover nearly 30 kms in and around Erode region.