Learning begins at the beginning, that is, at the level at which roots are formed and the foundations of learning are laid. In the Roots to Wings stage, a unique Roots Approach has been formulated which is used to nurture a feeling of love and protection. An amalgamation of the play way method to the Montessori Method, in order to encourage freedom of thought, expression, confidence and creativity is given all importance. The result is the growth of an independence of thought and the laying of a solid foundation for lifelong learning

Emphasis is laid on learning with fun.

Students are engaged in drawing, colouring and puzzles

Poems and stories are dramatized using expressive actions.

Focus is laid on developing communication skills.

Nature walks, visits to holy places and regular educational trips are organized to give them a real life experience.

Primary Level

As the children begin to ask questions, we are ready to equip them with the resources which will help them to seek answers. During this stage, learning-by-doing and project based approaches are applied, allowing the child to apply knowledge, experiment, and practice. At the same time, the teaching is tailored to the unique qualities of each child, bringing forth their hidden capabilities to evolve them into responsible citizens with strong values 

Curriculum is a fine amalgamation of learning with fun and focuses on activity oriented approach.

Child centered education is imparted to encourage creativity.

Stress is laid on building language skills through Fun games, Scrabble and Lexical.

Inculcating reading habits through class libraries.

Honing public speaking skills via class assemblies and role plays.

Regular visits to labs to give hands-on training.

Sharpening, analytical reasoning through mind games.

An extensive use of computer technology aids to supplement classroom teaching.

Use of newspaper articles and other learning tools to enhance the general awareness.

Field trips and excursions are held to make learning stress free.


As the children move towards adulthood, they are taught to apply their problem-solving skills with focus and decisive insight to real-world situations. Throughout this stage, students are exposed to more vocations and guided as they uncover their destiny in life. NCERT based curriculum equips a child with the ability to prepare the students for the future eventualities.

Curriculum is devised according to the CCE pattern.

Emphasis is laid on acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge.

Enrichment of language skills both oral and written through free and fearless expression of ideas.

Polishing communicative skills through on the spot group discussions, extempores and debates.

Emphasis on team work through projects and search & research work in Science Lab.

Organizing field trips and workshops of relevance from time to time.

The School strictly follows the CBSE curriculums with necessary gradations.

Science, Maths and Commerce are the academic streams offered at +2 level.

Various combinations of subjects of choice are offered.

Stress is laid on preparing students for the prescribed CBSE Syllabus through result oriented training.

Emphasis is to nurture the talents, help them to develop scientific attitude, learn to work in accordance with aptitude and interest and to manage time and schedule for a career choice.

Complete access to library, computer and other labs for study and research requirements.

Making Powerpoint presentations on subject related and latest relevant topics.

Organizing field trips to Industrial units, places of Scientific and Historical interests.